I cannot connect adapter usb to ethernet

I adquired a beagleboard C3 and I use the system Linux (distributions Ubuntu and Angstrom) and, when I conect the adapter USB to Ethernet (RJ45), he don't remains connected to the ethernet.

I need a solution or help to make the beagleboard worked correctally with the ethernet.

Hi Deigo,

Could you provide some additional information…?

  1. Which USB-to-Ethernet adapter are you using…?
  2. If the adaptor is low/high speed then you will need to use a High speed USB hub.
  3. Is anything output to “dmesg” when you connect the device?
  4. What do “lsusb -v” and “ifconfig -a” show…?

Your wording “don’t remains connected to the ethernet” implies that the adpater is working, but periodically drops the ethernet link. This would most likely be a problem with your network or the adpator. If the USB device is disappearing from linux as well then this may be a known issue, but we’d need to see the output from the above commands to be sure.