I can't boot with the microSD card of the BeagleBoard Black

Hi everybody !

I don’t manage to boot on the microSD card of my BeagleBone Black rev C3.

I followed a lecture on the internet to know how to work with the BBB. Here is what I’ve done :

I made 2 partitions on the microSD card :

I tried to boot with and without pressing the S2 button (boot switch) but I’ve never managed to boot with the microSD card. I followed a tutorial that told me to clear the onboard eMMC to boot from the microSD card. Now when I connect with a debug cable on the UART connectors I got this :

Capture d’écran du 2022-08-24 15-10-55

Anyone knows what can I do to make it work ?

I’ve searched for a solution for days on the forum and the internet but I didn’t find anything…

Thx !

Either use the official images as is, or contact the authors of that educational course…


Thx for your answer !

I managed to flash the onboard eMMC.

Does anyone know if there is some tutorials to flash the microSD card as well ? So that I can proceed in the mooc I was doing before getting stuck.

You can etcher.io to flash the default image to a microSD…

If you want to learn how everything was put together…

My write-up is here:


Thx for the URL. I’ll check this out tomorrow.

  • It may be a stupid question but do you think I can’t boot off the microsd card because it’s capacity is too big (128GB) ? I read it was best to use 8/16/32 GB sd cards but I don’t see why the BBB couldn’t use my 128GB microSD card. Moreover, I could use it to flash the onboard eMMC.

Easy, test grab the latest image…

using etcher.io flash it to a microSD and see if it boots…

If it doesn’t, then your 128GB microSD won’t work…


It works with a 32GB microSD card so the problem was the microSD card size… It’s kind of strange since I could use the 128GB microSD card to flash the onboard eMMC !