I need your help for my project

Hello everyone! Fİrst I am sorry for my bad English.
I want to make a project with Beaglebone Black. My project is a GUI app with Real-Time Kernel based Linux. And i want to run this app in 5 sec. For example : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vm3Gp9KEs1w

  • I flashed a Debian image ( 1GB console image )
  • PREEMPT_RT applied and kernel is RT kernel. ( 4.14.79-ti-rt-r84 )
  • I deactivate some services for fast open.
    I want to develope a GUI app now. What should i do?

For a 5 second bootup time, your going to have to do a lot of work..

I'd first start with buildroot and make sure to use u-boot in falcon mode..



I managed to make QT appear in 6 seconds, cold boot on 800mhz AM3352.

Basically uboot 1 sec. kernel 2 sec. and init 2 sec and app.

need to strip some drivers, verification and use init

Thanks for your reply.

I’ll try them. But can I use RT Kernel with this method?

3 Ocak 2019 Perşembe 23:14:19 UTC+3 tarihinde RobertCNelson yazdı:

Thanks for answer.

I don’t want use Qt. Do you have information about FLTK?

4 Ocak 2019 Cuma 05:45:27 UTC+3 tarihinde c2h2 yazdı:

RT linux is just scheduler difference? more frequent switching?

if this is what you mean, you can still optimize to 5 sec.

FLTK is a cross platform GUI library.

But I changed my decision. I want use Qt. Now I’m working on buildroot. Did you use buildroot in your project?

7 Ocak 2019 Pazartesi 05:58:48 UTC+3 tarihinde c2h2 yazdı: