i want to access the system internet through beagle bone black via ethernet

i want to access the system internet through beagle bone black via ethernet.how to do that

You might need to be a little more specific.

I’ve accessed the internet using the BBB ethernet connection by plugging it into my network. On boot-up the BBB got an IP address from my internet gateway’s DHCP server and worked without special configuration work. I could ping google.com right out of the box. apt-get update worked flawlessly. And that was while using the console port/ftdi configuration, HDMI/usb-keyboard configuration, USB-PC with virtual serial port configuration and using an SSH connection.

Now if you’re talking about accessing the BBB itself through its ethernet connection, then you’ll need to find out what IP address it got assigned when you plugged it in the ethernet cable.

I’ve done it by logging into my home router and checking the dhcp table to find the number. If you’ve got a console or shell connection the commands “ifconfig” or “ip address” will give you the number. In the worst case, you could put a network sniffer (like wireshark) on the line and watch for DHCP queries to catch the actual assignment at bootup.

After you get the number, surfing to it with a web browser will get you the cloud9 interface is probably the quickest way in. Otherwise, terminal emulators like PuTTY (using the SSH session) or the ssh commands in Cygwin’s interface to that IP address will get you in.


@Ajay_R , um, usually what I do is plug in Ethernet and the cable from the BBB to the host computer.

If you are needing to run a new image, try the rcn-ee.com pages or beagleboard.org/latest-images.

Use Etcher from Balena like discussed here: BeagleBoard.org - getting-started .


Just plug Ethernet into the BBB.

If that doesn’t do what you want then you need to be more explicit about what you’re trying to do and what problem you’re encountering.