I want to release the source/schematics for a BeagleBoard based project... where to start?

Hi all,

We have finished developing a PCB test suite, that uses the
BeagleBoard as the central processor. It works great, and karma is
telling me I should release something to allow others to benefit. It
is essentially:

- An expander/power board, with a ton of I2C port expanders, ADCs,
and UARTs. The BeagleBoard plugs into this using the standard header.
- Python/GTK front end, so test engineers can script test sequences
and tweak the GUI without recompiling anything
- A Python module, written in C, that provides a hardware abstraction
layer. This allows the user to control hardware using Python.

It's not exactly groundbreaking, but it means we now have a standard,
low-cost, test engine, which is rapid to configure and deploy.

The OS is Angstrom, with a patched kernel to add support for the extra
hardware, and a few extra default packages built-in.

So, how would people suggest I release this information to the
public? Presumably I need a project page somewhere, which will host
schematics and other documentation. Also, I guess I'll need to commit
my image recipe.

Anyway, any suggestions would be appreciated.

I would think that a project page is definitely in order. From there it could go to a wiki where the actual data and documentation is stored. That will allow others to add their comments as well as make suggestions and to contribute to advancing the project going forward.

I am looking forward to seeing all you have done! Be sure and provide a few pictures as well!


Hi Tim

Keep us informed, I am pondering the same issues, I have
developed boards that with a BB or other SBC will make
an Open Hardware PLC for industrial use. In my case, I have
no established company to cover development costs, so I'm
kinda stuck at the "Now What?" stage. I want to release
these under an Open License, but that in itself is a real
head scratcher as none I've seen really do what I want to
do to keep it free and Open, yet allow people to build
machines, etc. with it with no encumberance. Something
like sourceforge for hardware would be a good thing, but
the myriad issues seem to be discouraging. I think SF
_would_ host hardware projects with the OSS that goes
with them.



timmins wrote:


i encourage you to post info on the elinux.org wiki pages. any and all documentation is welcome!

Dave aka prpplague