I2c access to the TWL4030

Hi folks.

I need to read/write some registers of the TWL4030 via I2C from linux

So far I've written a little program that does this via the /dev/i2c-1
device. It works only if I force the device to do the transport via
I2C_SLAVE_FORCE. Apparently a driver has locked the TWL4030 and keeps
the slave busy.

I already have a solution for the locking driver issue in mind. I could
write a kernel-module that talks to the driver and expose a register
read/write functionality it via something like /dev/twl4030. This is for
sure the cleanest approach, but it would take me a day or two to get the
module working.

Otoh I could be lazy and keep writing via SLAVE_FORCE..

Is the later idea good or bad? It feels dirty somehow...

Any oppinions?