I2C Driver


I am looking for some sample code for using DM3730 I2C Port.
Looking for I2C driver basically. Where can I get the same?

I can have a look at Linux soure or u-boot source.
But I want to do that if a sample is not available wneywhere else.


I work for Avnet. We are teaching an Intro to Linux class (we call them
SpeedWays) at various locations in North America. Here is a very simple
driver for the TLC59108 LED driver on the ULCD kit. They use it as an I/O
expander to control some signals to the LCD panel.


It is not a tremendously complete driver, because it is meant to be a simple
example. It makes use of ioctl and sysfs. Read the comments at the top of
the main C file (tlc59108-i2c.c) for the alterations you need to make to the
board init file.

By the way, now is the time you need to get comfortable with the kernel and
bootloader source, building and configuring the kernel, and so on.


Hallo John,

Thank you for the response. It seems that, the driver is for Linux OS.

But what I am looking for is, sample I2C code which directly interacts
with DM3730 I2C peripheral.