Idea proposal (Beaglepilot)


I am Sudeep Fadadu, currently doing my Bachelor in Electronics and Technology with a major in Robotics at International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) - Hyderabad, India. I have been working in motion planning, localization, navigation, vision and embedded system for last 1 year.

I am very interested in ‘beaglepilot’ project. I believe the main advantage of beagleboard is that it can be used to control lower level embedded circuit (i.e., actuator’s control) and run high level algorithms (i.e., path planning/localization) simultaneously. This further can be expanded towards simultaneous localization and mapping system to generate map of surrounding. I have successful experience in developing these algorithms for low power processers (not SLAM). I have also developed an RRT inspired algorithm for micro aerial vehicle in 3d space. Also at lower level, PID controller can be developed to maintain locomotion of the bot by taking directly encoder’s feedback. I understand this is very broad vision but we can always break it down in parts and can create separate nodes like ROS does. My all previous experience in robotics involves separate high level and low level processers which can be combined here, and it’s is really great.

I have good experience in embedded communication like SPI and UART, and analog sensor data handling. as PID is very important component for aerial vehicle, this can be implemented over programmable realtime units provided on board. I have experience in developing such system(PID for wheeled bot) on microcontroller.

Sir, Can you please provide some more specific information on this for GSoc’14. If you haven’t finalized the projects yet, I would be highly interested working on stereo camera calibration(which will construct 3d view) to generate 3D map (as it’s the very first step for autonomous navigation system) or PID system development over PRUs. I have worked on these ideas, and have clear vision about the implementation on embedded processor like beagleboard.

I understand this is a bit late but please provide feedback on this as soon as possible so that I can start working on my proposal.

More information on my previous projects can be found here. :

Thanking you,
Sudeep Fadadu

Hi Sudeep,

Thanks for the interest. The BeaglePilot proposal is available here. We are always happy to hear new ideas to include in the project, please try to go through the already available proposal and suggest something different. We usually hang out in #beaglepilot at Freenode. Feel free to join the discussion.