ILI9341 SPI conduit .. example app: Desktop Clock

this project is currently under the ‘pru’ tag, but I’m reposting it here so that Jason will consider converting it to his preferred project format. the details are in the link below, but some additional considerations include:

  • defined ‘intermediate’ stage for ‘text processors’ to access the SPI interface of the ILI9341.

  • make files for the ‘c’ and ‘asm’ that demonstrate how to automate header files for configuration changes such as buffer size changes.

  • i’m calling this project a ‘conduit’ in this post, rather than ‘clock app’ to emphasize that the clock is only an example, and that the ‘conduit’ can be used to write applications of your choice from any process that can generate text.

suggestions and questions welcome


Thanks. I’ll load to Projects Archive - BeagleBoard. I’ll take it from this post I have your permission to do so.

@gomer Is this good? BeagleBone Black desk clock using PRU to ILI9341 - BeagleBoard

it is fine, for now… i emphasized the conduit part because it would be easy to modify it to work with neopixel or led panel or or or other devices (if there is enough interest).

the paradigm is to generate instructions using any tool capable of generating text into the conduit to the ‘pru’ firmware that will talk with the device…

the clock does this, but is only an example. I have other apps in various stages of development that use the ILI9341 as a display.

questions, suggestions, comments welcome


Not sure how to make it editable… working with the web guy to improve the interface. Feel free to give me specific wording edits. I’m not sure which words to swap out with “conduit”.

Jason, might be best to leave as clock app, given the difficulty… maybe later I post another project detailing the format of the text instructions.

thanks for looking into this


above link is for the new post for the open conduit described above.

questions and comments welcome