Image for beaglebone ai-64

Hello all…
I can not update debian image for beaglebone AI-64 .When i am trying to update,error came like
certificate verification failed. Pls help me to solve this issue.

Make sure the time on your AI-64 is current, if your gateway blocks ntp port 123 your time will need to be set manually. If the time is correct then try again later they might be working on the server.

Date shows like incorrect. I changed date but after restart date became previous and not updating changed date. I do not know what is the reason? Can you please help me to resolve this issue? I checked updation in beaglebone black having incorrect date it updated successfully. What is difference between these two?

The BB AI-64 does not have a battery backed RTC, so the time will need to be set every time it boots

ok…Thanq !!!

sir…i have one more doubt also…i want to control GPIO ports of Beaglebone AI-64.
when i am trying to set gpio value i can not complete the task. That means always it shows its default value zero. I used below command for setting value to gpio port(P8_07)
root@AI64:/sys/class/gpio# echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio315/value
But i can change direction…please help me…