Image processing on BB xM


I want to do a blind navigation system as a project. I have decided to use BB xM as my primary hardware and QNX 6.0 as my RTOS.

But i feel that bb xm wont be able to provide a good response for IP.

I will use 2 cameras to acquire an image and then run viola jones for object detection and distance measurement.

My logic -

Pixels = 6403802 = 486400pixel
Plus each one has RYB components.

My question : will the bbxm able to acquire and analyze the image fast enough for a real time response ?

Thanks in advance

Ankit Mishra

No response ?

please do tell me if the BBxm would be fast enough for such an application ?

Or just lack of QNX 6.0 users on this mailing list...


But my concern is whether BBxM is good enough for a realtime IP based application.

the OS can be angstrom or android also ???