Image with latest TI processor SDK

I am working on porting my model on the TI EdgeAi app; so far I’ve managed to make it work on the TI dev board with the 08.06.03 version of the Processor SDK.
I have used the monthly build from March, and the SDk is 08.02. Is there an image with a newer SDK (since the 08.02 is 2 years ago), or can I make such an image myself?
Dear @FredEckert and @RobertCNelson, I am sorry to ping you, but I’ve seen you’ve answered many similar questions and thought you could help me on this one.


Hey based_on,

I can’t really help you here… I am also looking forward to the 8.5 release for a while now. I want to use the updated TIFS firmware that allows firewall access. This will allow us to use openocd with the dmem path.

I have been watching the repos here: / repos-arm64 · GitLab and I honestly can’t tell if the 8.5 release is on the immediate horizon. Perhaps RCN will give us some updated news…

To use 8.5 (or maybe 8.6) now, if you are up for the challenge, you could try this suggestion that was posted back on Jan 9, 2023: > “Right now the easiest thing to do, is grab the 8.5 SDK image and copy our device tree over in the boot folder…”


Hi @based_on oh every time i look into this i find another random “binary” that TI dumped into their SDK to make it work… With 8.5, TI added 5 new binaries that, 3 of which are built against an older version of python…

I don’t know… I’m watching the 8.6 build progress and also re-looking at 8.4…

So, no good answers…


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how did you check your sdk version on beagleboard?