Imagination in trouble

The SGX graphics accelerator on the Beaglebone was always a debacle:
TI didn't opensource the drivers or even release proper documentation.
This apparently was due to the proprietary conditions they received
from the IP author, Imagination.

Apparently Imagination business model, instead of pure shrewdness,
turned out to be deeply flawed, and they seem to be on the ropes now:

I wonder if this would somehow help the case of open-source graphics driver...

I doubt it..

TI still uses Series 5, if you look at the list of chipset from Imagination:

It's on the bottom end, of the list.. I doubt any bean counter at
Imagination would allow anyone to spend time working on it

There's better more open ARM graphics ip out now days thanks to:

freedreno, etnaviv & nouveu

Besides, as soon as someone builds an pci-e adapter for the x15, just
stick a nvidia card on it. :wink: