Impossible to attach plain text

it is no longer possible to attach useful content to a message: i was trying to help somebody out with a dts fragment (plain text), but your configuration rejected the plain text attachment.

cite: "Unfortunately some attachments in your email message to [“”] (titled Re: [BeagleBoard] [General Discussion] DS3231 RTC on Beagle-bone Black) were rejected.

BB-I2C1-RTC-DS3231-oldstyle.dts: Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, heic, heif, webp)."

please review this configuration/policy; the forum is near useless when text isn’t attachable.

@fwbarber – can you make sure we can accept text (including source code) attachments?

@jkridner - We can either specify acceptable file extensions, in which case we have to list them, or we can allow everything. What’s your preference?

We could just start with *.txt :wink:

@RobertCNelson - I added txt … @jkridner - Any thoughts on adding others?

I’d be inclined to add everything and address issues, but starting with .txt is reasonable. .c, .py, .p, and .asm all seem reasonable.

Ok. I added “*”, which will allow everything. If it becomes a problem, we can dial it back.