Improving initial experience for novice developers

Can someone provide more info on this project. It’s bit unclear from the explanation given on ideas page.

That was better described on the 2015 ideas page:

Note that a couple of those got worked on last year:

Basically about documentation, examples, tutorials, etc.

One of the objectives of this project as is mentioned is to improve the out-of-the-box experience of someone using the BeagleBoards for the first time. Think about the process of installing drivers, and getting to a point where one is actually able to do stuff with the hardware after one has just purchased it. What improvements can be done to make the current process more beginner-friendly?

Currently there’s work in progress which I am aware of, about adding WiFi configuration functionality to the default BeagleBone system image - something where a BeagleBone with WiFi will appear as an access point so that you can connect to it, and then enter the details of the available WiFi network (SSID,passkey etc) so that the BeagleBone then turns from an WiFi AP to a WiFi station to connect to the already available WiFi network. Search on the BeagleBoard Google Group for more information.

Also, BeagleBone hardware is being incorporated into 3D printer designs ( see the Replicape and Machinekit projects ), so what you have to think about here is that how can one make the deployment process and onboarding of the device hassle-free, for example, how do you do the first setup? Connect it to an existing network if it requires a special IP configuration for example? This is not exhaustive, there are a lot of points you can come up with. Think of the possibilities.

The proposal is open-ended so you are free to come up with your own ideas and discuss them further on the group with prospective mentors, or on #beagle-gsoc IRC channel at freenode.