[IMX219] Stereo Camera support for BeagleboneAI-64


I recently got my BBAI64 and i was thinking of working with Stereo Camera on BBAI and make use of SDE (stereo disparity engine) hardware which is part of DMPAC (depth and motion perception accelerator). Has anyone used any binoculor/stereo camera with BBAI. I donot want a camera that already processes everything. I want a camera like
Waveshare stereo as it is cheap and will enable me to make use of hardware accelerator. Also it is one of the cheapest solution. Also comes with a IMU sensor onboard. It works with Nvidia Jetson. But i asked the waveshare engineer he said it will not work with beaglebone AI. I was wondering both the boards has linux. How difficult would it be to get the driver from nvidea image and make it part of BBAI image. I would appreciate comments from the community

Hi @Tron

That is actually a pretty cool module, just ordered one. I think you might have confused the Waveshare Engineer… The “BBAI” doesn’t have any CSI ports, where as the “BBAI-64” has 2 CSI ports, easy for them to mix up, as they deal with soo many boards.

I know TI got the imx219 working on the TDA4VM SK board… I’ve ordered one, pretty cheap and easy to test…


Alright then I will wait for your feed back once you test it :slight_smile:

@RobertCNelson did you get your camera and did you try it out?

I got the camera, but i need to order different cables…

Testing things on an another imx219, here… RPi Cam V2 (Sony IMX219) w/ Edge AI Demos - #10 by RobertCNelson not ready for general use, working with ti on how to get data…


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@RobertCNelson is tere any update about support for this waveshare camera?

They ‘work’ in TI’s tidl stack, but to just dump an image to a jpg nope, not yet…

I’ve been pushing back, that someone needs to help port https://libcamera.org/