In case firefox still fails to run bonescripts, GateOne SSH, etc - here's a possible workaround


Couldn’t find these steps listed in the grp. anywhere, so added here as an FYI…
Here are the steps I used to get Firefox (FF) to work on both Linux & Win7-64:

  1. Upgrade bbb to latest Angstrom 05/20/13 image.

  2. Upgrade FF to latest, Ver. 21.0, on your host (linux, win7-64, etc.)

  3. Using TTL/USB serial debug cable like so:, access the bbb

  4. Follow the “Using SSH” step in shabaz’s howto here:

  5. The rsa keys should get recreated and dropbear should get restarted.

  6. Point FF to the usual and should be able see the “BeagleBone 101” home-page.

  7. It is very likely you’ll still see the brown (not green) box on top asking for the ip-address.

  8. If so, you have a few more steps. If not (ie, you see the green box), all’s well now - nothing more to do, just run the script samples.

  9. Click on a bonescript link like say: getPlatform() on the left side of the page.

  10. In the newly presented (getPlatform) page, you’ll find a link to the latest bonescripts just below the brown box like so:

  11. These are the latest set of scripts (and infra I suppose) that is different from what’s in the 05/20/13 image too.

  12. Now, click on that new link, and in the presented new page you should see the green box on top and should be able to run all the bone script samples. GateOne SSH should also work.

Nothing new is needed if you wish to use chrome.

If the latest bonescripts are not included in the 05/20/13 image, hopefully they could be in the next image.
Thanks to all the helpful hands…

Ah missed a step:
3.5: Set the timezone/date on the bbb matching your local settings.

Also, while the “working” bonescripts are being served from, this is the first time I could get any bonescript working on FF. If those working scripts get packaged into the next/future image, we may be able run the scripts on the bbb itself.