Ina219 with linux kernel driver


I am trying to use ina219 sensor ( with linux kernel driver on beaglebone black.

I want to use device tree overlay to use the sensor. I follow kernel indications ( and the sensor works as expected.

But adafruit board use 0.1ohms and default driver value for shunt-resistor is 10mOhms so return value are wrong.

I want to modify value in device tree as indicated

ina219@40 {
          compatible = "ti,ina219";
          reg = <0x40>;
          shunt-resistor = <100000>;

but changing shunt-resistor value does nothing. The sensor is always create with 10mOhms value

ina2xx 1-0040: power monitor ina219 (Rshunt = 10000 uOhm)

How can i change the shunt-resistor value to get the proper return?