Increase potential amp draw on BeagleboneBlack with mini usb splitter cable?

Is it possible for the BeagleboneBlack to draw more amps and provide more stability to peripherals connected on the BeagleboneBlack regular usb A port if one were to power the board using the mini usb port off a usb splitter cable?


Yes. As long as the SW sets the PMIC to allow it.


I saw this on another forum. Is this what you mean?

The latest bootloader tarball available on the installation page has a fix in the uEnv.txt for allowing >500mA through the mini-USB port.

You can also add this to your current uEnv.txt by adding the following command to uenvcmd:

` ` i2c mw 0x24 1 0x3e ` `

To make it look like this:

` ` uenvcmd=run findfdt; if test $board_name = A335BNLT; then i2c mw 0x24 1 0x3e; setenv mmcde..... ` `

However, because we know it can draw over 500mA, we recommend using a USB charger that can supply more than this as opposed to a port on a computer.

Yes. My expectation is that this is already handled in the Angstrom image we use, but I have not tested it lately to see if it got dropped or if it is supported in the UBoot used by other distributions…