industrial project


I plan to use an ARM single-board computer in an industrial project.

Therefore, I need some information about the BBB:

-Sustainability and long-term availability

-operating temperature range

Also, does the BBB officially support a LCD touchscreen (7 or 10 inches)?

In this case, I also need the screen’s information about sustainability and mechanical impact resistance.


You can find the answers at the following link.

Yes it supports a 7" LCD panel.
Commercial temperature range.
It can be sustained.
It will be a round for a long time.


but maybe he should spend some time reading this to understand what implications “in an industrial project” has with regards to using the BBB as produced and sold through the distribution channels.!category-topic/beagleboard/beaglebone-black/Z3JfUIkxOl8[1-25-false]

and who they should talk to about production runs( hint Gerald is a good start ). :slight_smile: