Info required for using BBB with 10.1" Display

Hello, myself and a colleague currently have a project to use the BBB with a 10.1" Display.

We currently have an Android build (4.1.2 for AM335X EVM platform) that works with a 7" display.

The resolution of the 10.1" is the same as the 7" (1024 x 600) as is the hardware pin out.

The 10.1" does not work. We think the issues may be at the software driver level.

Does anybody have any info on how to do the following:

· Identify which drivers to use for a particular display

· Provide the correct settings in the driver for the display

To add a few more details (I’m the software dev on the team):

The current set up we are testing with is a beagle bone black connected to a 7" 1024x600 LCD. The LCD is part of a dev kit from

The driver for the LCD is:

Inside the driver, the following settings are used

[8] = {
.name = “HJ070NA13A”,
.width = 1024,
.height = 600,
.hfp = 1,
.hbp = 45,
.hsw = 30,
.vfp = 12,
.vbp = 22,
.vsw = 2,
.pxl_clk = 25000000,
.invert_pxl_clk = 0,

We have tested another 7" 1024x600 display, model YXD070NA13-3.4 which does work correctly.

The other screens we have tried:

10.1", 1024x600, YX101IF40-A, almost works but image is corrupted
10.1", 1280x800, YX101TN1280800-40, screen is completely blank

We would be grateful if anyone could answer / provide information for:

  1. Is the da8xx-fb.c driver suitable for the 10.1" displays?

  2. Are there any other changes we need to make to the kernel to make the 10.1" displays work?

  3. What is the maximum screen resolution for BeagleBoneBlack running android?

  4. What are the correct settings (eg Horizontal Front Porch) for the 10.1" displays?

  5. How do you determine the display settings, as the LCD datasheets only provide a very basic timing diagram?

  6. All the displays we tried use a 40pin LVDS connection, are there any electronic/connection issues we need to be aware of?