Input/Output filesystem problems while configuring the OMAP3 Natty (11.04) Image on the BeagleBoard rev C4


I'm trying to update the Ubuntu Natty on the beagle board rev c4,but I
see a lot of Input / Output file system errors and I don't know why
this happens. I have used two different kinds of SD card,but the
errors aren't gone away. These are the steps that I've followed :

0.Got the Ubuntu Natty image from :
1.Inserted the SD card in my host computer's SD card reader.
2.Identified the correct device name.
3.Unpacked the archive and ran the following command to write the
image on the SD card:

sudo ./ --mmc /dev/sdc --uboot beagle

4.Ran Putty on the host computer (running on Ubuntu 10.10 x86) using
these parameters :

a) Set the serial port to /dev/ttyS0.
b) Set the communications settings to 115200 8N1.
c) Turned Hardware Flow Control off.
d) Set the Software Flow Control off.