install angstrom failed

salmo allikm wa rhamat allah wabrakato

i tested with SD CARD that come with board get on gtkterm
ANGSTROM but when tried to install angstroms on my beagle board xm
rev b
no output on gkterm no thing
what i did indetails

1- i formate my kingston SD Card 2GB to two partion files and boot

remark i use Fat 16 cause i know that Fat 32 not work on xm
i don't know why not work Fat 32?

2- i put this files in order in boot(boot.scr ,MLO,uboot.bin ,
3- i tar folder Angstrom-beagle-demo-imageā€¦
that i get from
this link
but steps on 2 files be older not last updates

i follow this link
i want to try in this in SD CARD 4 GB so want what wrong

thanks also has instructions on how to format the SD card, I suggest you follow those

but i read that fat 32 not work on xm rev b but not sure if right or
why in case not work?

I used this link to setup my 8 GiB SD using FAT32 and it worked great.

Also note that MLO must be the written to the boot partition first, not boot.scr


thanks for link but want to make sure that FAT32 work on beagle board
xm rev b or not
boot .scr not all put it in some sites not take about it although
explain about xm boards
i had sd card working but not for me boot.scr before MLO and FAT 16
this need to know