Install kernel permanently - Issue

Hi all,

I have built and installed a new kernel (4.1.16-bone18) for BeagleBone Black.

After the installation, with ‘uname -a’, the output is right “… 4.1.16-bone18 …”, but as soon as a reboot is done, the previous kernel is reloaded. In this case, BBB returns to original kernel, “… 3.8.13-bone79 …”.

How is this possible? Is there any way to make this change permanent?


PD. To understand what I have done, I share here a link to the manual I have used to build & install the kernel.


Did you install to the eMMC or microSD?

Check /boot/uEnv.txt to see what kernel that uboot is instructed to boot.

Robert Nelson has good documentation documentation here: