Install Point Grey Camera driver on Beagleboard x15.


I am a newbie at Beagleboard x15. I want to install the Point Grey camera driver on beagleboard x15. I follow the guide: “Getting started with FlyCapture 2 and ARM”. As requirements, I need to have Linux distribution on Beagleboard x15. Then, I installed, but I was not sure it was right or wrong? Like attached file. And at step 2 of “Installing the FlyCapture SKD”, I don’t know how to copy the driver into beagleboard. Please help me to do that. Thank you.


The console image you installed is very basic to save space. It is a bit geared towards experts. I suspect you’d be better off starting with the default X15 image on

To follow learn to follow Linux application install guides, you should first become familiar with the command-line and common commands, including package management with apt-get. I recommend starting with one of the Linux books listed at

When asking for help, read the guide on “Smart Questions” at In this case, asking us to go look up instructions will keep us from giving you a complete answer. I suspect you need to get a network connection up, then you can use tools like wget or git to download the software in question.