Install Ubuntu Issue

Hey Guys,

Got my beagleboard up and running with Angstrom, but it seems very
basic with practically nothing but a web-browser. I've read that they
have an ipkg and now a opkg tool that lets you install packages,
although after many google searches I still have zero idea on how to
find this/use it. As I am new to linux this whole scenario is a tad

I would also like to put Ubuntu on my board (xm) and have looked at
the wiki and at elinux's website here:

It seems that many users have used this to install Ubuntu on their
beagleboard with no problem but I am at a loss. I installed the ISO
image on a 4gb SD card and when I turn on my BeagleBoard it doesn't
even run, which i'm assuming has to do with me not putting a "boot-
image" of some sort on it. Could anyone post a more detailed
walkthrough that doesn't assume you know how to do most of the
intermediate steps? If this has already been resolved could someone
point me in the right direction? Thanks again!

Hi Ryan,

Can you be more detailed as to what "ISO image" you installed to your
SD card... (and which board you have...) Otherwise it's hard to help


The angstrom distribution manual is available here:

for a list of available packages you can do:

opkg update
opkg list

or look here:

If you still want to run Ubuntu, check here:



Marco Casaroli