Install which libcurl for BBB Ubuntu 13.04

I am developing and cross-compiling an app1 for BBB-ubuntu13.04(raring)
within Ubuntu 12.10 (Virtualbox Win7 guest),
successfully running app1 under ubuntu12.10(quantal) desktop.

now I want to compile it in Eclipse for BBB-ubuntu13.04
so, it seems that I need :
selecting and installing the right libcurl version (armhf) into ubuntu12.10, setting eclipse library and includes.
with-out library conflicts and such.

could someone assist me referring which libcurl shall I install ?
is it: libcurl4-gnutls-dev 7.29.0-1ubuntu3.2
or: libcurl3-gnutls 7.29.0-1ubuntu3.2
both from

or should I take it from a different source ?

thanks in advance