Install Windows 8 Embedded in BeagleBone Black?

No, since Windows 8 only runs on 3 architectures: x86, x86_64, and IA64. Windows Embedded is just normal desktop Windows with a different install process (and the option to leave out “standard” features that aren’t needed by your product), so it has the same processor support as desktop Windows. The Sitara processor on the BeagleBone Black is none of these.

Windows CE and Windows 8 RT do run on ARM processors, but you’re still missing drivers for all the peripherals, so it would be a huge porting effort.

This seems to indicate otherwise.

Yes it won’t be Windows 8 for x86 but Win 8 RT is for ARM and is basically win 8 anyway.

Also Windows 8 RT is designed for the ARM architecture. Now about how to go about licensing and acquiring it. I have no clue. I do however know Win 10 will be distributed free for some ARM and Atom Architectures. So far the RPI and Intel Galileo I also suspect the Edison will also get Win 10. And probably the Beagle bone.

Also when you build and embedded widows system you defiantly have the ability to add or remove what you want. As to drivers that’s is up to Beagle to make them.

How is that otherwise, you’re just repeating exactly what I said:

Windows 8 cannot run on an ARM processor.
Windows RT can, but you’re missing lots of drivers. And “Windows Embedded 8” has never meant RT. There’s Windows Embedded Compact 2013, and Windows Embedded Handheld…

The only point of disagreement is that you think there is no difference between Windows 8 and Windows RT.