Installing apache2 package

I am trying to install apache2 using "opkg install apache2" and keep
getting the error "Unknown package 'apache2'". I found the package
name on I have had the
issue with other packages as well. Has anyone else run into this?

I am also getting an error "Failed to open //var/lib/opkg/info/python-
math.list: No such file or directory." Is this something I should
worry about? I have updated python and even reinstalled, but it does
not resolve the issue.


Hi Eric

Have you done a 'opkg update' and 'opkg upgrade' first? Also, I found
that installations do only work as 'root' - I had added a user to
avoid accidentally issueing damaging commands with root privileges,
but only 'root' seems to be able to run 'opkg' installations.

I have not tried installing apache2, I found lighttpd, another
webserver and that installed with no problems.

Hope this helps


Yes, I have completed the updates and upgrades. No issues doing
that. I was reading in another thread that this happens because of
the package versions, etc. I also saw that you can down load the
package and then install using "opkg install package.ipk". I have not
done it yet, but that should fix my problem.

On another note, I am not familiar with lighttpd server. I was
reading that it is asynchronous instead of being process-based like
apache. Perhaps it is worth a try since that would reduce the
overhead of dealing with multiple threads. Thanks for the


I should be getting my BeagleBone in the next few days. I plan on running apache2 - as I use it daily at work. Let me know if you get it installed and running :slight_smile:

I plan on creating a single web site interface that will allow me to select my other websites that are on the 192.168.1.x network, and proxy them.

For Instance I configure the Bone to be my homes website, that I can access via my cellphone, using port 8080 and 8443 (ssl)
Then from the main screen after login, I will be to access my web cam, my thermostat, my media server, etc...