Installing Kali Linux (Arm) onto BeagleBone Black Rev C

Would anyone know of a set of instructions on how to install Kali to the BeagleBone Black Rev C?

They also state it does not have great performance on BBB. Try out ArchAssault, way more customizable and lightweight. Its exactly the pwnbox you desire the only bloat that is there is what you put on it.

Don't miss "The Deck" either.

What Jason said. :wink: The Deck, unlike Kali is custom built for the beagles. Version 2.0 is available on sourceforge. It was just released to coincide with the release of my book on hacking the crap out of things from up to a mile away.

A build I’m working on for Jayson Street has several recently posted pictures on Twitter. Check out @ppolstra’s Tweet:

Just use the normal flasher and then add the kali repositories and install what you need.

deb kali main non-free contrib
deb kali/updates main contrib non-free

In this way you end up with everything working as close of the official flasher image and you benefit from the true performance of the eMMC.
I tried couple of days ago to install kali on the eMMC and failed, so I felt back to the adding of repos solution. I did not managed to break the working system even after installing all the dev/unstable updated packages from kali repos.

So, in the end this turns into another distro war ?

Oh, I am sorry, wasn’t my intention. Just providing a lighter eMMC alternative to a bigger slower msdcard distribution.

Not really, there are several good choices for the BBB. Kali just isn’t one of them by their own admission.

Well, in this case just because the current BBB distro is debian based, the kali ARM packages are working by default, kali being also debian based.Probably the ubuntu packages are working too.

Well, that was kind of my point. You do not need to use a full out distro image when the tools are installable via APT. Backports, or no.