Installing Programs

Alright I have successfully got my USB to mount and I could view all
of my files. I went only and downloaded Python for linux onto my flash
drive. This file is a .tar.bz2 file. I copied the file onto the
beagleboard using the cp command and I used the tar command to extract
it all. Now that I have that all done, what do I need to do to install
the python program and run it like I would in windows?

Your help has been very useful and I thank you all for the input.

I guess you installed the source code for Python?

You are probably better off starting with a pre-built Python out of Ubuntu, Debian, or Angstrom. Install one of those distros (see then install Python through their package manager. With Angstrom, I believe the command "opkg update; opkg install task-native-sdk", as described at, should give you a Python interpreter.

I am quite new to this whole beagleboard and openembedded programming.
I have my beagleboard with Angstrom running on it. I don't have it
hooked up to the internet yet because I have not bought a usb/ethernet
adapter. I went on the Python website and downloaded the python
program to my flash drive, I copied and untared the python program,
but this is where I need a little help. Do I need another program to
install python or something to make it an executable file. I know from
other discussion boards that I could roll my own rootfs to get python
on my board, but I am not real familiar with that process. If I could
get a detailed process to which way would be the simplest process of
getting python on my board I would greatly appreciate it.

Through these discussion boards I have learned a lot and I thank you
all for the input.