Installing without keyboard


I’m sorry to ask your help again, but I’m impatient to try debian on my B6 bb. After fixed the boot problem another one raised. My self-powered USB hub doesn’t work anymore.
I tried to use a USB-powered one (just to connect a keyboard) with no chance: the bb resets continuously.
I’m going to buy a new one. In the meanwhile, is there a way to install debian without using a USB keyboard?

The demo images have the serial enabled by default, and the
"netinstall" has a --serial-mode option..


Thanks, using the --serial-mode option led me to begin the installation process. Of course I didn’t think that without the USB hub I can’t connect my bb to lan…What a pity. Old beagleboards are very inconvenient to use!

In your case, i'd just load up, one of these demo image then:

You'll then have atleast a working os you could boot into, with some
utils already installed..