Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX211 not working on bbai-64

Has anyone tried this Wi-Fi card? Tried everything nothing is working, it’s not even detected.
uname -r 5.10.153-ti-arm64-r84

I’m using the AX210 with 5.10.153-ti-arm64-r86 and it works pretty well. And according to this,

they are functionally the same except for where the core IP resides. See this,

Looks like the AX211 is designed specifically for use with Intel processors.

AX210 is pci-e type interface M.2 port
AX211 is CNVio2 type interface M.2 port

The ports are the same, but the interface is different.
BB AI-64 has a pci-e M.2 port.
Probably not supported by AI-64.

I see, thank you.

I found this but maybe it won’t work knowing that compatibility issue.