Interested in contributing to BeagleBoard in GSoC 2021

Hi, I am Archisman Dey, a second year undergraduate student studying Electronics and Electrical Engineering at IIT Guwahati. Sorry about being late with the introduction, I had some exams and assignments going on for the past week.

I have some experience with building stuff with arduinos before, so I was looking at the beagle boards and thought they were very cool. I also have programming experince in C and Python and have been using Linux as one of my daily drivers for the past few years. I don’t have any experience with contributing to open source though.

Looking at the ideas page, I was most interested in the “Add features to simpPRU” and adding Python support to program PRUs, since I recently learned how lexers, parsers and so on worked and found them very interesting.

I also joined the IRC channel #beagle-gsoc and looking forward to interact with members of the community for the next few weeks and hopefully months!

Link to my Github profile:


I was the one who developed simpPRU last year, good to see you interested.

Please go through the docs and ask questions on the IRC chat if any (preferably use element irc client)

Just to provide an update, I learned more about the PRU, flex and bison, went through the docs and your code in your GitHub and I think I understand most of it. Specifically, the project idea mentions improving the error handling in bison, updating the grammar to add support for return statements anywhere in the function, and keeping control statements inside if-elseif-else, which I understood. I have not looked into the other issues in detail yet. I have some exams/assignments for the next two days, and I will be free Wednesday onwards. If you are free too, I am willing to discuss more about the specifics of the project, the timelines associated with it and then start writing my proposal after that.

Sounds good ! Please don’t miss the Wednesday meeting !

Also, you need to add support for Beaglebone blue, I have tried to simplify the process of supporting new boards, let’s discuss it next week meeting


The meetings are on Wednesday 11 PM IST right? I won’t miss it.

Hello Brother,I am new to these too.I’m in 2nd yr ECE.I know arduino and msp430 basic.

I am trying to understand what is happening here and how to do open source etc but it is confusing.Can you help me?