Interested to Mentor


Can I mentor in two projects of different org ? If yes. I would love to volunteer as co mentor to any beagle project which matches my skill. I was GSOC 2016 student and worked with RTEMS org to develop device driver for BBB with help of Ben Gras. Thanks to Jason Kridner for sending me BB green , it helped me to complete my project successfully last year. So to give back my one cent to beagle bone community I would like to co mentor a project. I have worked and good at Linux kernel , RTOS , device driver , beagle bone black/green. This year I am also invited as a mentor for RTEMS org still if mentoring at two org allowed I would be happy to do that.

Punit Vara

I think it is fine. Can you check the rules?

I haven't found any where. May be I am missing but let me ask in
mentor mailing list and get back to you. I too think it should be

can you provide some help with sonic anemometer.