Interesting Windows Embedded Compact 7 BSP comparison

These are my test results from a side-by-side comparison of several
WEC7 BSP images.

here is the corrected link...

Any way around this?


Its a .docx file.

If you want the pdf version:

I’ve been interested in WinCE programming for the beagleboard for some time, but never tried it because of startup costs.

To port a program to WinCE, do you know if Visual Studio 2010 is supported, or do I have to maintain a copy of VS 2008?

If I wanted to roll out a platform based on this, how does licensing work? Do I pay you some flat fee for the BSP, and pay Microsoft some fee per device? Do you know what the MS price works out for small quantities?

Does your BSP support configuring the pin mux on the board to support UARTS? How about any GPIO support?


Smart Device Development (C# and VB) is available in VS2005 and
VS2008. Not yet available in VS2010.
Platform Builder for CE6 is hosted in VS2005. Platform Builder for
Windows Embedded Compact 7 is hosted in VS2008.
BSP's are flat rate, some are free from the silicon manufacturer.
Microsoft Gold partners may charge more but offer support.

Microsoft fees per device are usually around $3 per device but can be
more depending on if you have some high end components Digital
Rights Managment etc.

My BSP supports versatile configuration of GPIO and features (UART/
SDIO etc) on the expansion port.