Interfacing BeagleBoneBlack USB Boot with libusb on OSX


I am trying to port the BeagleBoot project from Linux to OSX. My Linux project was based on libusb to take over the device and communicate with it from an user level application. However on OSX the kernel takes over the device and the libusb_kernel_driver_active function is just a stub on OSX. I asked around the libusb ML about codeless kexts for OSX to prevent the kernel taking over my device but got no valid answer. Also I tried to read the Apple documentation on them but I get my ears caught in all of that and have a hard time to understand it. I found some examples on the internet and tried to modify them but same result, kernel still takes over my device.

Are here some OSX kexts experts or at least does anybody have any idea how to tackle this problem?

Thank you in advance!