Interfacing DS18B20 to com port of beagleboard XM

Dear All,

My name Ninad. I am from IIT Bombay(India). I am having BeagleBoard XM
with ubuntu 11.04 as an OS.

root@omap:~# uname -a
Linux omap 3.0.4-x3 #1 SMP Wed Aug 31 05:51:34 UTC 2011 armv7l armv7l
armv7l GNU/Linux

I want to interface Temperature Sensor DS18B20 to com port of
BeagleBoard XM. The Details of circuit is given on below link for
normal X86 based PC. this sensor works with digitemp software. I
already installed ARMEL version of digitemp on my BeagleBoard XM.


Now when I am executing below command, the software is not able to
communicate with sensor through default com port available on
BeagleBoard XM.

# digitemp -i -c /usr/local/etc/digitemp.conf -s /dev/ttyO2

Hear -s is the path of serial port device file.

So please guide me in this matter.

Ninad Shaha.