interfacing the beagle board to DSP filtering techinque

hello sir i am Anusha.N i am doing my M-Tech project on beagle board
Actually aim of my project is to capture the real time signals and estimating the noise and applying the filtering techniques sch as Median filter,wavelet shrinkage’s,soft threshold ,hard threshold,customized threshold.
i am not executing all but any one which is suitable to beagle board please help me sir how to interface and which programming language i have to to work on with DSP interfacing to Beagle board.

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Any chance you can say which BeagleBoard you have?


So it is a BeagleBoard-xM. I posted it here as you did not respond to this thread but started another one.


i am using beagle board-xm

i didnt get any reply from you

Well, from my standpoint, I have no answer to give you.

This needs to be answered by a SW expert on DSP, and the support for DSP on the -xM is very thin. You would be better off asking a DSP question on a different forum. Maybe try the TI e2e forums.



Why do you want to use DSP at all? I am not that big specialist in this, but with ARM NEON you can achieve quite a lot - it has a number of vectorized operations which are typical for DSP. I have implemented some things with ARM NEON SIMD and the processing speeds were so high that it was actually limited by the memory bus. Not sure what real time signals are you going to acquire, but unless you are using the parallel camera interface, the performance should be enough for your task.

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