interfacing tsc2046 touchscreen to the beagleboard rc4


i am trying to interface tsc2046 touchscreen to beagleboard rc4
version using hy research expansion board. i want to know the
required boot arguments,files, libraries and appropriate calibration
files.Please, send me the required.

How does one integrate the chip with an LCD screen board that can be added via the 2x20 headers on the Beagleboard?

You have to connect it to the expansion header to access the SPI port. Now if you were to use an I2C TSC, then that is accessible via the 4x20 connectors.


OK. Where can I find (more on) the I2C TSC. My friend Google didn’t help much.




There are other chip packages (e.g. TSSOP) and they are also available as single units.

Here, you can also see an example how we initialize the TSC2007 from our board file:

Lines 579 - 642

– hns

There is nothing special about the tsc2046 on that board.
Configure it like any other boards. There should be plenty of
examples in the stock kernel tree. Userland behavior is the same
as any other touch screen controller. (evdev).

Please do your basic research on userland facilities for touch

Forgive me because I’m really lost and out of my depth. I’m looking for the best combination of items to create/price a mobile device built on the BeagleBoard architecture. BB can support a touch screen and wireless LAN/FM. Is anyone here who can combine (schematic design) into one board, the BB with the WLAN and LCD/touchscreen and battery power supply, which I then get fabricated? (I have BB C2 and the WLAN is on the truck for delivery so I can do some application testing.)

Yes. Feel free to contact me direct for more information.