Internet Slow, Flashing Problem...

I recently purchased REV C
and i am facing few problems…

  1. The beaglebone was working out of the box. I connected my usb cable plus i configured my router and connect network cable to it.
    It was working great but SLOW response (web page)
  2. I test internet over it… and found it to be very slow. (i was trying to install php and it was taking to much time so i have to test the connection speed)
    it was around 5kbps very low. I used my website and also several other website like and tested the same on my windows box which is on the same network.
    My windows box is giving 250kbps and above speed but beagle bone is only 5kbps why ?
  3. In the process to resolve issue the above issue (2) i thought it will be better to install latest version from the website
    so i went to

i was having some april edition i checked (it came with the board)
i followed the instruction
i was little confused during the procedure

Insert SD card into your (powered-down) board, hold down the USER/BOOT button (if using Black) and apply power, either by the USB cable or 5V adapter.
If using BeagleBone Black and the image is meant to program your on-board eMMC, you’ll need to wait while the programming occurs. When the flashing is complete, all 4 USRx LEDs will be lit solid.

so what i did exactly is

  1. Power down
  2. insert SD CARD (i followed the above steps correctly. it contain the image data)
  3. PRESSED boot button
  4. Applied power
  5. now i see the 4 led lit i released the boot button…

Now what is happening is the 4 led keeps blinking. LIKE
it goes on (a little bit like heartbeat)
I can’t understand what is going on is it okay… is it flashing the eMMC? am i doing something wrong ?

  1. Also want to ask where to get info regarding which version or image contain what feature and function like
    image feb 2014 contains PHP, MYSQL,CLOUD9 etc etc
  2. Do we need to install cloud9 separately after re flashing or does it comes inbuilt in the image ? what exaclty comes inbuild (In the image)
  3. I want to use RELAIBLE WEBSERVER (ONLY 10 CONNECTION MAX AT ANY GIVEN TIME) which will control the leds (for example) in real time.So which OS will be good on the beaglebone black also

Any body have any solution ?

Also want to update that ethtool doesn’t output much just link state : on Message is display i tried
ethtool eth0

Link state 0

tried setting full duplex but it says

Not set

I got the flashing thing sorted out but still the 5kb problem remains please help