Invalid Module Format

Hello ,

I 'm using the Beagleboard xM C2 running on Armstrong linux 2.6.32.
I’m trying to insert a sample module on it. For this I have followed these steps:

  1. Downloaded the linux 2.6.32 version from
  2. Compiled it for omap3_beagle_defconfig
  3. Wrote a sample module for printing message using 'printk".
    4.I have used the arm-none-linux-gnueabi Cross compiler.
    5.built the module and a ‘hello.ko’ file was generated.

Now when trying to insmod hello.ko , we are getting the following message
: -1 Invalid module format

I have checked the version of kernel (using uname -r) and the module(modinfo hello.ko). Both of them are showing the same versions. Still we can’t insert the module in the system?

So I need help to overcome this problem.