Invalid product specification for BeagleV-Ahead

The BeagleV-Ahead product page currently says:

  • 2GHz quad-core RISC-V 64GCV Xuantie C910 central processing unit (CPU)

However, the C910 does not implement “V”. “V”, like every other unversioned RISC-V extension, is defined to mean “the ratified version”, in this case version 1.0. However, the C910 does not implement version 1.0, it implements version 0.7.1, an earlier incompatible draft version of the specification, and so this is inaccurate and misleading. The product page should either say 0.7.1 explicitly or use the XTheadV name for it that is being given to this as a way to define it as a vendor extension and thus allow software to support it properly.

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From what I can find the C910 doesn’t implement any version of the vector extension

So it is RV64GC not RV64GCV?

@jrtc27 is correct and it should not be RV64GCV. I’ll try to get the online material changed.

The T-Head C910 has T-Head’s implementation of RVV 0.7.1 (draft version) along with some custom Thead instructions.

It has v0.71 of vector.