iPhone sharing internet with BBB using USB cable


I try to follow Dave Conroy tutorial (http://www.daveconroy.com/how-to-tether-your-raspberry-pi-with-your-iphone-5/) how to share iPhone internet with RPi. I was successful to do that with RPi, but I have no success with BBB.
I use the latest Debian image.
When I connect iPhone to RPi, I get a new network interface eth1. But when I connect iPhone to BBB, I don’t see any new network interfaces. I’m able to mount iPhone “disk”, but not a network.

Any ideas how to get eth1 when iPhone is connected?


OK, found :slight_smile:
Just need to run “ifconfig -a”, check for interface name (could be eth1, or rename3).
Then run “dhclient eth1” (or “dhclient rename3” accordingly), and BBB is connected to iPhone’s internet! :slight_smile: