irregular activity in user LEDs when booting BBB

Im using element14 BBB with AM335x 1 GHz ARM Cortex8 processor(I know its quite old).
I wanted to boot from SD card and so plugged in a blank new SD card and pressed down the power button and inserted power to burn the image on it. The system booted fine and LEDs were blinking in the way they are supposed to. However I didnt realize that the image would start updating automatically in SD card and took out the SD card while it was being written and deleted the files that had been written on it. Now BBB simply doesnot boot up and only user 0 and 1 LEDs are continously blinking. Ive flashed a new image on the card using etcher and tried booting but it just doesnt work. Can anyone help me in this situation?
State right now is as shown in the pic below


If they are flashing it is running.

Log in on the debug port and see what is going on.

As @foxsquirrel has said, if the leds are flashing the board is running.

I don’t think holding down the power button when powering up the board will cause the eMMC image to be written to the SD card. Even if it did, it would not then wipe the eMMC image.

Depending on the age of your BBB it may only have 2Gb of eMMC. Not sure exaclty what revision of board jumped to 4Gb. If you have only 2G of eMMC then you will only be able to flash it with a minimal non desktop image. However as you want to boot from SD card that is not an issue.

When booting from SD card, be sure to hold down the button up by the SD card slot when inserting power, otherwise the board will boot from eMMC (unless it is erased)

Try and get hold of a serial interface cable, it helps greatly when something in the boot process is not working.

If you are powering the board via USB from a computer, once booted you should be able to see a new ethernet device and be able to ping it. How seamless this is will depend on the version of Windows you are running (if running Windows) and the version of OS you are booting on the BBB.

You can download new images from here

Download one without eMMC-flahser in the title to get an image that will not flash the eMMC. There are usually Debian Buster and Bullseye versions. The latest ones are from the 1st of May.

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Thanks a lot for the help and guidance. I managed to catch a hold of the issue. I was burning a new image on SD card using Balena Etcher from my M1 MAC. I caught hold of my old Intel MAC and downloaded debian 7.5 and BBB started working like a charm.
Thanks once again for the help :slight_smile: