Irrlicht on beagleboard - loading texture problem


I compiled the irrlicht OPENGL-ES version and used it with the
beagleboard. I compiled part of the examples and run it on the
On all the examples the texture files loaded successfully but a
texture files loaded to an object like scene cube was not rendered and
one can see a white cube.

With SW rendering everything is OK and the scene cudes rendered
correctly but when i change to OPENGL-ES driver type the game scene
cubes are white.

Any clue?


Did you use Open Embedded? My recipe for Irrlicht in Open Embedded included
a patch that fixed this issue for me.

I added this "destFormat=ECF_A1R5G5B5;" at line 66 of COGLESTexture.cpp.
It is a hack but it got textures to work for me.

I don't know if anything has been changed lately. There is someone doing
work to improve Irrlicht on Beagle but I don't know what the progress is.


Sorry, wrong line number. It was around line 109. It is just before
"return destFormat;" in GetBestColorFormat.