Is beagleboard blue still a valid choice

I am in the process of trying to learn Embedded Linux and Yacto and trying to find the right hardware. I’ve been an embedded engineer for a few decades(I’m old), but new to embedded Linux. To accomplish my goal I am hoping to find a fun project, and want to build a simple robot to start. Researching hardware option I liked the BB Blue, since it already has a bunch of the peripherals already installed and has WIFI. But my concern is it is at end of life(but still available on Amazon). But it looks like its running the same family of processor as the Black version. I also notice on Yocto in the config file it just call for “beaglebone-yocto”, its not specific. So I guess my question is it a bad idea to buy a BB Blue for what I am doing, and can I use it in place of the Black since most tutorials follow the Black and not the Blue., or am I just asking for trouble. Thanks

Hej eibommer,
wouldn’t do that. In Your case it would be a good idea to use a board that’s widely supported, i.e. the BBB.
You’ll get questions. Weird questions. Then, a good supported board will be the better choice.BBB is somewhat cheap, You didn’t save money with a blue (also when the Blue costs less than the BBB). The old board makes sense 1. if You have always experience with or 2. is exactly this sparepart You search for.
Take the BBB!


Thanks, for the quick feed back. I knew that was the right answer, but it was just cheaper and didn’t have to buy a cape later. I guess I was just hoping to be wrong. Thanks