Is BeagleBoard X15 a good choice for industrial project?


i want to know if BeagleBoard X15 is a good choice for my industrial project:
My project is:
-control a an AC motor (10KW) with a speed regulator with input+= 0-24V
-measure temperatures with input: 0-1V
-input =0-10V
-input = 0-4mA and 0-20mA
-control heaters.
I will digit-analog converter to get values.

-store data in db.

Is BeagleBoard X15 a godd choice.

Thank you

How real-time does its control need to be, what sampling rates will you be using in the analog domain, What else will you be doing besides a data base write?
If its not real-time response you need, then a BBB would seem to be capable.
If you want real-time performance then you will have to address the capability of Linux to do real-time control which may be your limiting factor.


The BeagleBoard X15 has two powerful DSPs and 4 PRUs which are all suitable for real-time control. With suitable interface circuitry, the BeagleBoard X15 can easily do everything the OP outlined.