Is Cloud9 IDE the right tool for developing in C / C ++ on BBB ?

I discovered Cloud9 IDE on the beaglebone black. Is this the right tool for developing in C / C ++ ?
By default you can only compile one file, Is it difficult to compile a list of C files ?
Thank you for your answers.

Cloud9 IDE is EOL, while it is installed in the older default images, we are migrating to VSCode…


Thank you for your reply.
For information, the VSCode solution works with Raspberry (remote development), but did not work with a BBB. Instead I am using Netbeans 8.2 which is OK on BBB.


Hi @PhilGood , so the version of VSCode I’ve been working on is from repo: GitHub - cdr/code-server: VS Code in the browser It’s just like Cloud9, the BBB will serve up the VSCode instance thru the browser…

I have a prototype setup for Buster/Bullseye: It runs pretty good on teh BBB (well your browser does most of the work…)

sudo apt update
sudo apt install bb-code-server

With a start script under /opt/bb-code-server/ to start it…


Thanks, I’ll try that.


I’ve found fairly easy success using vscode’s remote explorer to ssh into the bbb-w and pb’s.

IMO it is a nicer interface than cloud9, but I do miss the cloud9 file tree structure even if it was limited to /var/lib/cloud9.