Is it possible to boot from external hard drive for bb-xm?

Hello, I am new to bb-xm. I am wondering if it possible to boot from
external hard drive? If not, what's the problem cause that? Is it
because the Internal boot code in the DM3730 simply do not support?

usb support in u-boot is still pretty basic...

But as long as your boot uImage is on the local mmc card, you can
store your rootfs on an external usb drive...


Thanks, Robert. That definitely helps.
I am a little confused about the relation between X-Loader and u-boot.
I noticed that there is a on-chip ROM(112KB), 80KB for secure, and
32KB for boot. Does that means the X-loader
is in the 32KB ROM? And the X-Loader will load U-boot from mmc? Are
there good materials explain all the details about the bootstrap
process from chip ROM and before loading uImage? Thanks.

X-loader is not in the ROM. In the ROM there is software provided by TI that loads x-loader (or any other small piece of software) from NAND/NOR/MMC/SD/etc. into SRAM. X-loader then loads U-boot from wherever into SDRAM.

In the OMAP3 TRM the “Initialization” chapter has good information about the boot process.

  • Juha

Man, why don’t you goto and find how OMAP3 boots?

find section 25.4.1 Booting Overview and read it carefully!

simple descriptions are here:

2010/9/15 Zhenyi Wei <>

thanks. I'll check that.